Saw Blade Reviews & Buying Guides

Saw blades include everything from circular saw blades to hole saws, reciprocating saws, and jig saw blades. Of course, you also have miter saw blades, table saw blades, and even bandsaw blades. If it spins or goes back and forth to cut, we likely cover it! We’ve covered the best thin kerf miter saw blades and also the best SawZall blades for any job. Whether you prefer Milwaukee SawZall blades or Diablo reciprocating saw blades, we use all major brands extensively and have racked up plenty of testing data. Saw blades have evolved from simple stamped steel solutions. Many now incorporate carbide teeth or carbide bands that enhance cutting capability as well as durability. Where diamond grit recip blades once dominated cast iron cutting, now carbide blades give you better performance and cutting speed. This category continues to improve almost faster than we can keep up.