Truewerk T1 Werkshort Review

Truewerk Workwear - Truewerk Double-Stitch T1 Werkshort Action

Truewerk Double-Stitch T1 Werkshort Retains What We Love About the Pants

The Truewerk Double-Stitch T1 Werkshort is nearly identical to their T2 Werkpant, just as a short. That’s a really good thing because it means I get to keep all the same pockets and features.  The material features a combination of polyester, nylon, and spandex to produce a 4-way stretch and is treated with a durable waterproof coating for days when the weather is less than ideal. Double stitching is in the name and it’s everywhere along with reinforcement in areas that are prone to higher stress from stretching.

Truewerk Workwear - Truewerk Double-Stitch T1 Werkshort

Truewerk T1 Werkshort Functional Pockets

Functional pockets are in most of the traditional places with a couple of bonuses. You have your traditional right and left deep pockets. On the upper right side, you’ll find a shallow zippered pocket. It’s great for storing your keys or any other small items you don’t want to get wet. Your cell phone is going to be a bit too big for it unless you’re carrying a flip phone though. The knife and pen pocket on the lower right are where you’ll find my Kershaw Blur and ZT Tactical Pen spending most of their day.

On the lower left, you have a deep pocket. This has a hooded, solid-holding Velcro closure that protects the contents from falling water. It also has a loop if you need to clip anything below your waistline. There’s just one rear pocket on the right side that zippers closed. It’s slightly offset toward your hip which I’ve come to really appreciate.

Truewerk Workwear - Truewerk Double-Stitch T1 Werkshort Pocket

Comfort and Fit

Truewerk Workwear - Truewerk Double-Stitch Werkshort Stock

We can’t overstate the comfort level of these shorts. They fit and feel like you’re wearing a board short style swimsuit to work every day. Yeah, they’re really lightweight and breathable. There are a couple of things I’d like to see changed, the first being the button fly. I’d much rather have a zipper when it comes to taking care of business around porcelain. The tie at the top is also a bit curious. It tightens the shorts well enough but is in the way a little bit if you want to wear a belt, which I do. Neither of these is anywhere close to deal-breakers, just points you’ll want to be aware of.

Like the other workwear that Truewerk has developed, I’m a huge fan of the summer lineup. I love the fit that’s geared toward guys that are more athletic and the technical nature makes it so much more comfortable than what’s traditionally been available.

Truewerk Double-Stitch T1 Werkshort Specifications

  • Material: 50% polyester, 40% nylon, 10% spandex
  • Sizes: 28-44 waist
  • Colors: Deep Grey, Navy, Sand
  • Style: 9″ or 11″
  • Pockets: Traditional front (left and right), shallow hip pocket (right), deep Velcro pocket (left), knife and pen pockets (right), rear pocket (left)
  • Riveted pocket corners
  • Price: $69

Final Thoughts

Truewerk’s gear does come at a premium price point. If you’re a professional, you really need to take a look at these. If your work lends itself to technical gear, it’s worth your time to check these out.

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