Tecovas Midland Boots: Built To Work As Hard As You

Tecovas Midland Boots

Tecovas Midland Boots Blend Classic Cowboy Look With Work-Ready Design

We spend a lot of time talking about traditional work boots, and the type you choose can say as much about your style as it does the function and safety they provide. For those of you who prefer a cowboy-style look, check out what Tecovas Midland boots have to offer.

Tecovas Midland Boots

Tecovas Midland
Ochre Bovine (left) and Soil Bison (right)

Tecovas starts with either oiled bovine or bison for its material choices and crafts it into a classic western look with a broad square toe.

On the surface, you’d be forgiven if you mistake it for a dress boot, but this one is designed for work. The Vibram outsole has an aggressive tread pattern that offers better traction along with oil and slip resistance.

Inside, there’s a dual footbed system. It begins with an integrated insole that’s permanently connected to the boot. Then Tecovas adds a removable polyurethane insole that’s leather-lined and shock-absorbing. You can wear it with or without the PU insole, or feel free to remove it and add the orthotics you prefer.

One thing to note is that the Tecovas Midland does not have a safety toe option. If that’s a requirement for your jobsite, you’ll need to look at something else.

Additional Highlights

  • Handcrafted in Leon, Mexico
  • Sealed seams offer waterproofing
  • Ochre Bovine color features a black/medium brown combination
  • Soil Bison color features a medium brown/dark brown combination
  • Available in men’s 7 – 13 with half sizes and whole sizes to 15
  • D and EE widths are available

Tecovas Midland Price

You can pick up these boots from Tecovas online or at one of their retail stores for $255. Shipping is free when you order online.

Don’t be afraid of ordering online. Returns are super-simple (we’ve used it) and they’ll cover your return shipping. Just remember to try your boots out on the carpet first to avoid scratching the outsoles while you check the size.

The Tecovas Square Deal

  • We promise quality, comfort, fit, and style
  • We stand by everything we make
  • We’re Texan on service
  • Free shipping, returns, and exchanges

Check out the entire line of Tecovas boots by clicking here.

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Huh, didn’t even know Tecovas make anything aside from cowboy boots! I’ve got a few pair and, at least, their cowboy ones are pretty comfortable( can’t really wear many other brands ’cause need a large toe box, my wife wears corral boots women since her fingers are a bit more tucked up or something) Definitely going to check Midlands out, thanks for great review!

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