Wrench Reviews & Buying Guides

We provide in-depth reviews of all types of wrenches, including combination wrenches, adjustable wrenches, pipe wrenches, and more. Our reviews also include specialty tools like basin wrenches and coverage of your everyday open end wrench that might be found in any mechanics tool kit.  Wrenches on the Jobsite We find a ton of wrenches in the hands of auto mechanics and plumbers. But what about other trades and applications? While you may not, at first, think about using wrenches on the typical construction jobsite, we actually find a lot of crossover in these hand tools.  From grabbing onto machined bolts to performing maintenance on OPE equipment, wrenches play an important role across a range of categories. Wrenches even take on a particularly important role when you factor in the needs of electricians. We try, whenever possible, to draw distinctions between universally-popular features and those particularly relevant to the various trades.